Healthcare Services

IDS UK Healthcare services


IDS UK’s objective is to support healthcare professionals and their patients through the availability of health and welfare leaflet information. This means that patients can take a more proactive role in their healthcare by increasing their knowledge base on disease indication and lifestyle adaptation.

This knowledge provision;

  • Re-enforces health care professional advice
  • Reduces consultation time - as demonstrated by independent research *
  • Improves dialogue between the patient and the healthcare professional
  • Offers signposting
  • Promotes self responsibility on healthcare issues and lifestyles

We provide a leaflet display rack and the information is regularly updated with a continuous supply of quality healthcare literature. All free of charge. This is sourced from Government, Charities and some Pharmaceutical companies and is free to the healthcare professional. For more information about the different services we offer please click on the links above.

*conducted by Kember Associates